Harry Potter: Marauder's Map Napper Bed

Harry Potter: Marauder's Map Napper Bed

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“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” With the Marauder’s Map™ Napper Bed, your pup will never wander the grounds of your home searching for a cozy spot again.  This versatile, washable bed is a convenient size for practically any spot in the home, with a soft fleece underside that won’t scratch floors and a velvety cotton top that your Magical Creatures will love lounging on.

This bed measures 36” x 27” and is about 3” in thickness, making it perfect for small or medium sized dogs.  This super soft plush Harry Potter™ dog bed will make a cozy spot anywhere in your home. Cloaked in a cotton velvet material with super soft filling, this bed is lightweight with a plush feel, making it bewitchingly cozy for any pooch exhausted after a long day of magical adventures.  Plus, the Harry Potter™ dog bed is easy to clean. Make messes disappear - no spells required! Simply toss your pup’s bed into the washing machine on cold cycle and tumble dry on low.

This fun, official Harry Potter™ licensed design is sure to enchant the home of any Harry Potter™ fan. The Marauder’s Map™ Napper Bed will be the perfect place for dreaming of having the zoomies down long castle halls. It’s also a great bed for either cats or dogs! Whether you have a pup that loves to lounge or a cat that craves a good curl-up spot, this napper bed is versatile enough to fit almost anywhere in your home. 

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