GLAD Sanitizing Spray Refills-2Pk for Clean & Go Waste bag dispenser-In 6pc. PDQ | 24 Piece per Carton

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You've just climbed out of bed and grabbed your eye glasses to take your dog out for his first walk Of the day. Your best pal goes about his morning routine, and you pick up after him as you normally would. During this exchange, you are exposing yourself to germs — germs that you'd rather not have lingering on your hands all day. With Glad for Pets clean & go sanitizer spray refills you'll never be without soothing Aloe sanitizer. This skin-friendly hand sanitizer is compatible with glad clean & go dispenser, but can also be used as a travel size Hand sanitizer spray. Directions: spray product onto Palms and rub together until dry. Adult supervision is recommended for children under age 6.

  • A CONVENIENT WAY TO CLEAN YOUR HANDS ON THE GO — This travel hand sanitizer refills are ideal for keeping your hands clean on the go!
  • HAND SANITIZER KILLS 99.9% OF GERMS — Soothing aloe hand sanitizer kills 99. 9% of germs and is perfect for use with glad clean & go dispenser
  • SKIN-FRIENDLY — Mini hand sanitizer is made with a skin-friendly Formulation, leaving your hands soft and bacteria free
  • YOU'LL NEVER BE WITHOUT HAND SANITIZER SPRAY — With two refills, you'll never take your dog out for a walk without hand sanitizing spray handy
  • DIRECTIONS — Simply spray product into Palms and rub together until dry

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