Warner Bros: 7.5

Warner Bros: 7.5" Taz Burrow Dog Toy

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Spin your way into a cyclone of fun with the Tasmanian Devil burrow toy for dogs from Warner Bros Looney Tunes. Everyone's favorite vortex-spinning character from Looney Tunes is now a welcome addition to your pet's toy bin. Made from a durable yet lightweight polyester fabric, this dog toy is made to indulge all of your pup's natural instincts to burrow and dig. Great for relieving stress, anxiety, or restlessness, this hide and seek dog toy is a great alternative to your dog digging around in the mud outdoors. Interactive, cute, fun, and safe, this dog toy is shaped like the ferocious Tasmanian Devil and his cyclone sidekick. Cute as can be, this dog toy great for all dogs, regardless of size. Cute as can be, this dog toy great for all dogs, regardless of size. Small, large, young, or old, this Looney Tunes dog toy is one of the best dog toys on the market. Have no fear of fakes or copycats here. This product is officially licensed by Warner Brothers, meaning you can trust its integrity. Made from only the highest quality and with the backing of a tried and true company, this soft dog toy is sure to bring your dog oodles of fun while giving you peace of mind.

For your pet's safety, always supervise your while your pet while playing with this toy.

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