Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Deodorizing Aerosol Air Refresher, 5.3 oz

Arm & Hammer SKU: FFP10462

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The Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Deodorizing Air Refresher Spray is just what you need to eliminate pet odors and keep a fresh-smelling, clean home. Available in a Eucalyptus Mint scent, this easy to use odor eliminator from Arm & Hammer takes care of unwelcome pet smells and odors by using the natural deodorizing power of baking soda plus a refreshing fragrance that everyone will enjoy. Great for all pet odors, this pet odor eliminator spray is all you need to keep your home or office smelling fresh, just the way you want it. 

DIRECTIONS: Hold can upright, press nozzle and spray the air in a sweeping motion throughout the entire room. 

INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Dimethyl ether, Ethanol, Perfume, N-ethyl-N-soya morpholinium ethosulphate, Sodium benzoate, Sodium nitrite, Sodium bicarbonate.

WARNING: Contents are under pressure. Do not puncture or incinerate can. Keep out of reach of children and pets. 

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