Arm & Hammer EZ Clean 360 Degree Dental Tool w/ Toothpaste - Small

Arm & Hammer EZ Clean 360 Degree Dental Tool w/ Toothpaste - Small

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Let your dog clean her own teeth in an easy and playful way with the Arm & Hammer EZ Clean 360 Degree Dental Tool. Since chewing is something dogs naturally enjoy, the EZ Clean 360 Degree Dental Tool provides an effortless cleaning routine while providing entertainment and stimulation. When used with the Arm & Hammer toothpaste included in this package, your dog is instinctively giving himself a deeper brushing without even knowing it. Designed for dogs' natural grip this dog tartar remover dental chew toy has a triple action texture that cleans dogs' teeth gums and tongue The 4 bristled grooves on this dental dog tool provide a full 360 degree clean and the nubs help reduce plaque and tartar All components work together to give your dog a 360 degree clean without you ever having to pick up a toothbrush No more getting into a tussle over teeth-cleaning time All you need to do to is fill the toothpaste wells with your favorite Arm & Hammer toothpaste for maximum cleaning benefits and let your pup play! 

Directions: Introduce EZ Clean 360ø Dental Tool for limited amount of time and supervise use. Once your dog is familiar with the product add a pea sized amount of Arm & Hammer toothpaste into the reservoirs. Encourage your dog to chew chewing along with the toothpaste interaction allows for easy self-cleaning. For best results encourage play for 15-20 minutes daily. This product works best for gentle to moderate chewers Ingredients Natural Rubber on chew toy toothpaste.

Ingredients: sorbitol water hydrated silica calcium carbonate polysorbate 20 cellulose gum sodium chloride flavor sodium bicarbonate perlite zinc gluconate tocopheryl acetate proteases chlorophyllin

Warning: As with all chew toys please supervise use and remove all separated parts This product is not intended to be eaten or ingested. Please contact your veterinarian or take away. For toothpaste avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children Store at room temperature. Not intended for human use stop immediately and contact your vet if a negative reactions occurs.

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