Arm & Hammer Pet Scents 2-Pack Plug-in Scented Oil Refills

Arm & Hammer SKU: FFP12504

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Getting rid of pet smells just got a whole lot easier with Arm & Hammer Pet Scents Plug-In Scented Oil Refills! Available in a Lavender Fields scent and safe for the whole family (pets included), these easy to use plug in air fresheners are just what you need to eliminate pet odors in the home. Great for the bathroom or any room, Arm & Hammer Pet Scents Plug-In Scented Oil Refills act as natural air fresheners and odor eliminators in one. These long-lasting scented oil refills exude freshness. They are reliable oil refills that will enhance your bedroom, bathroom, or living room with a continuous fragrance for weeks. No more pet odors to worry about. Just simple, great smells with the power of baking soda.

Safe for everyday use around pets and people, pet deodorizers like these are formulated with the signature Arm and Hammer baking soda as a leading ingredient, making them odor eliminators you can trust to neutralize pet odors in the home. Safe for pets and everyone around, Arm & Hammer Pet Scents is the air freshener you've been looking for. 

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