Arm & Hammer Pet Scents Plug-in & Refill

Arm & Hammer Pet Scents Plug-in & Refill

Arm & Hammer SKU: FFP12714

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The Arm & Hammer Air Care Pet Scents Plug-In & Refill brings you a natural way to eliminate pet odors from the home in a way everyone can enjoy. This easy to use electric oil diffuser may seem like any other air purifier, but it is specifically designed for pet odor elimination. It includes the electric oil diffuser plug in, which easily and effectively eliminates pet odors from the home. This order also includes a plug in refill so you don't have to worry about running out and being left without the great scents. Available in Lavender Fields and Fresh Breeze scents. Stay fresh for up to 30 days with Arm & Hammer Air Care Pet Scents Plug-in & Refills.

The baking soda infused formula of this oil diffuser acts as a natural deodorizer, while the lavender scent leaves behind a beautiful smell that the entire household will love. This odor neutralizer is easy to plug into the wall and comes with a plug in refill, giving you up to 30 days of freshness. Get a great smelling home and set the mood for total calm with Arm & Hammer Pet Scents Plug Ins. 

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