Arm & Hammer: Rock-N-Roller Skinny Tri Chew Toy

Arm & Hammer: Rock-N-Roller Skinny Tri Chew Toy

Arm & Hammer SKU: FFP8830

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Made for all types of chewers, your dog will love this fun and tough chew toy from Arm & Hammer. Convenient and fun, this dog toy holds a tennis ball inside, making it even more special. Durable and sturdy, this toy for dogs can stand up to even the most powerful of chompers and keep your dog entertained for hours. Tug it or toss it, and put a special treat inside for your dog to figure out how to retrieve. Best of all, this dog toy is infused with baking soda, meaning it will freshen your pup's mouth while he plays. The toy is made from natural, non-toxic rubber, making this a dog toy you can feel good about letting your dog play with. Fresh and fun, this is safe dog toy for everyone. 

WARNING: Always supervise your dog during play time with this dog chew toy. 

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