BioSilk for Dogs Double Sided Pin and Bristle Brush

BioSilk for Dogs Double Sided Pin and Bristle Brush

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BioSilk for Dogs features the same innovative technology as the original and revolutionary BioSilk Silk Therapy line for humans. Our exclusive line of pet products are designed specifically with your pets in mind. With our grooming tools, we aim to keep your pets looking as clean and sleek as if they just walked out of the groomer. This pin brush with a built-in comb can be used before or after your dog's bath to keep your dog's hair smooth and tidy. By gently breaking up knots and tangles, this dog brush is the perfect addition to your daily routine for keeping your pup looking and feeling his best. Brush your dog regularly and they will not only feel great, but they'll also look fantastic. With right-out-of-the groomer quality, this brush from BioSilk for Dogs gets the job done.

Directions: Brush in the direction of hair growth. Start at the rear of the pet and work your way forward. This one-step pet brush helps keep your dog's hair smooth and reduces shedding. 

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