Dr. Seuss: Fish Catnip Kicker Toy

Dr. Seuss: Fish Catnip Kicker Toy

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These toys are all for which a cat could wish: a variety of fun one could have with a fish. Fish that are plush, and fish they can kick. Catnip-filled fish are sure to do the trick. Fish with feathers and ribbons, too – plush fish that come in red, green, and blue. Wands with fish that dance and tease, so playing with your cat you can do with ease. “But that is not all. Oh no. That is not all!”  Your cats will adore the feathered fun balls! From One Fish, Two Fish to the Cat in the Hat, so many ways to have fun with your cat!

Kicker style toys are the perfect shape and size for a cat to stalk, attack, and kick! They are designed to encourage a cat’s natural instincts to hunt and play. Cats love to lie on their back while gripping their kicker toys, thrash around, bite and kick their back feet against their “prey.” These toys are perfect for daily enrichment, exercise, and interactive fun with your kitty! When they tire of attacking their kicker toy, these whimsical Dr. Seuss inspired cat toys are the perfect size and shape for snuggles, licking, and cuddling for naptime. These 12” plush fish toys for cats include catnip inside, making cats go crazy for them for hours! These fish-shaped cat toys also include fun colorful ribbons that dance and tease your cat while they play.

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