Martha Stewart Double Sided Dog Comb

Martha Stewart Double Sided Dog Comb

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Martha Stewart Pets grooming tools are built to make you and your pet’s grooming experience comfortable, safe, and all around enjoyable. All grooming supplies are lightweight and have an ergonomic handle. You shouldn’t experience hand fatigue and discomfort while grooming at home!

This Martha Stewart Double Sided Comb For All Dogs is ideal for all breeds and coat types. This dog grooming tool is suitable for both long-haired and short-haired pups and is a great comb for pets with matted hair. The Martha Stewart Pets dog detangler comb will help remove fleas, flea eggs, tangles and debris collected from your pet’s last outdoor stroll. This dual sided dematting dog comb makes grooming your pup simple and fast.

Best of all, you can use this dog comb on a wet or dry coat. It is made with stainless steel pins, which won’t rust after use on wet fur. Maintaining a regular grooming routine should help keep your pet happy and healthy!

Directions: To use as a regular comb, comb in the direction of hair growth. Start at your dog’s head and work your way back. Place your fingers between the comb and your dog’s skin to help prevent pulling.

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