Wags & Wiggles Odor Eliminating Carpet Powder, 20 oz

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Let's face it – new puppies and older dogs sometimes create smells that are less than pleasant. When your furry friend leaves you a little something you’d rather forget about, tackle it with Wags & Wiggles odor eliminating carpet powder. Its powerful formula attacks pet odors on the spot, allowing you to get your house back to normal and move on with the more fun aspects of dog ownership. This deodorizing and cleansing powder is easy to use and begins working immediately to combat and eliminate odors. It’s great for potty training and housebreaking your pup, and since it eliminates the scent of urine, it naturally deters your four legged friend from marking again in the same place. With its scrumptious strawberry scent, it refreshes your home and keeps everyone wagging and wiggling.

Directions: To use carpet powder, simply sprinkle enough powder to cover the affected area, let it set in to fight odors, and vacuum it up

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