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Friends: 4" Pizza, Cat, Lobster Canvas 3pc Toy Set

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The one where Phoebe says Ross is Rachel’s lobster! When you’ve got a furry best friend that’s the only one you want to binge watch episodes of Friends with, give them this fun collection of Friends themed cat toys that each have catnip inside.  This adorable collection of 3 plush toys captures the pure comedy genius of the WB show Friend, reimagining scenes from your favorite episode as cat toys. It includes a lobster toy that says “You’re My Lobster”, from the one about how lobsters mate for life and that Ross is Rachel’s lobster. Second is a slice of pizza that says “I love you more than Joey loves food.” The third piece in the Friends cat toy collection is of course a “smelly cat” inspired by Phoebe’s song “Smelly Cat.” Each toy is made of canvas and measures about 4” tall and has irresistible catnip inside!

You will have a great time re-enacting your favorite scenes or snuggling up with your cat to have a good play session while watching every episode. Perfect for die-hard Friends fans and their own furry friends!

This soft canvas cat toy is everything your pet needs for an afternoon of endless entertainment.  Cute and cuddly, this cat toy with catnip is officially licensed by WB, meaning it is the real deal for absolute Frienatics. 

As with all cat toys, please supervise your pet when they play with this toy. Add these cat toys to your dog cat basket or make them part of a gift for Friends lovers. Also be sure to check out our full line of Friends themed cat and pet toys, apparel, bowls, feeding, and accessories.

MSRP per toy: $8.99