Friends: City Doodle Cuddler Bed

Friends: City Doodle Cuddler Bed

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Be there for your furry friend with the Friends TV Show City Doodle Dog Cuddler Bed. This adorable beige dog bed is the perfect place for your pet to take well deserved naps. Officially licensed by Warner Bros., this dog bed measures 24" x 19" x 8". It has a raised rim so your pet feels even more secure. Cuddler dog beds from Friends are soft, comfortable, cute, and cuddly. Great for daytime naps or nighttime sleeps, this dog bed does it all. 

This is a soft, cute, and comfortable dog bed that your dog will enjoy sleeping in. Depending on the size of your dog, your dog could need an XL dog bed, a large dog bed, a medium dog bed, or a small dog bed. This is an elevated dog bed, which should be good for most dogs. It may or may not be a dog crate bed depending on the size of your dog's crate. Raised dog beds can be perfect for helping your pet feel secure day or night. A calming dog bed like this one is washable as well by spot cleaning. 

MSRP per bed: $41.99