GLAD Clean & Go Waste Bag Dispenser + Sanitizing Spray

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You've just climbed out of bed and grabbed your eye glasses to take your dog out for his first walk of the day. Your best pal goes about his morning routine, and then it hits you — you forgot poop bags! It's too late and you're already contemplating what to do next. Rather than living out your worst nightmare, prepare yourself for the next early morning walk with Glad for Pets Clean & Go Waste Bag Dispenser and Sanitizer Spray. This small carrying case headily attached to most leashes, so that you'll never find yourself empty-handed again.

This case products 15 large waste bags in Tropical Breeze scent, and one mini sanitizing spray pod. If you notice you're running low and your dog walking must-have, look for our Waste Bag and Sanitizing Spray Refills.

Directions: Spray product onto palms and rub together until dry. Adult supervision is recommended for children under age 6.

MSRP per piece: $10.99