GNC Advanced Styptic Powder, 0.5 oz

GNC Advanced Styptic Powder, 0.5 oz


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GNC has been a leader in the health and wellness industry since 1935. Our medicated pet grooming products are designed to go above and beyond the everyday care. GNC Pets feature high quality ingredients to help your pet get back to their best. GNC Pets gives dogs and cats the same care and attention to health as it does for their owners. Bred from the same company that paved the way in health and wellness, GNC now brings pet parents pet vitamins, pet supplements, and medicated pet solutions. GNC Pets is here to help both humans and pets continue to live well.

GNC Pets Advanced Styptic Powder for dogs is just what dogs need to help stop bleeding. This 0.5 oz jar of styptic powder has a quick acting formula. It is great for use after clipping your dog's nails. To use, simply open the jar of styptic powder, dip your dog's entire paw into the jar, and hold your dog's paw so they can't step on the floor or lick the paw. Wait for the styptic powder to take effect (about 15 seconds). The easy to use styptic powder for dogs makes pet care simple and effective. 

GNC Advanced Styptic Powder helps to stop bleeding caused by clipping nails, minor cuts, or scratches.

Directions: Apply a pinch of styptic powder directly to the bleeding area and apply a moderate amount of pressure until bleeding stops. Not for use on deep wounds, body cavities, or burns. If bleeding does not stop, consult a veterinarian.

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