Warner Bros: Marvin the Martian Big Head Plush Dog Toy

Warner Bros: Marvin the Martian Big Head Plush Dog Toy

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Marvin the Martian may have been one of Bugs Bunny's enemies in Looney Tunes, but he'll quickly become your dog's best plush buddy in the form of this adorable stuffed animal dog toy. Soft, snuggly, cuddly, and cute, this official dog toy from Warner Brothers is just what you have been looking for to keep your pup entertained for hours on end. It comes from the official Warner Brothers dog toy brand, meaning you won't have to worry about any copy cats or fakes. With all of the same great details as the original character, this Marvin the Martian dog toy is sure to bring your dog tons of fun, making a happy home for everyone. Made from plush fabric and without any dangerous bits of hard plastic or choking hazards, this is a dog toy you can feel good about letting your pup play with. 

As with all dog toys, this toy for dogs should be played with under supervision.

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