Martha Stewart 2-in-1 Grooming Glove

Martha Stewart 2-in-1 Grooming Glove

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The Martha Stewart 2-in-1 Grooming Glove features two great pet grooming products in one elegant package. One side features a paw-shaped, flexile silicone brush for grooming pets. This flexible style grooming brush is great to use as a daily gentle brush on your dog to remove loose hair. This beautiful dog grooming glove can also be used as a massage glove to give your pets a comforting rub and snuggle. The silicone brush can also be used on wet pets during baths to lather and scrub their fur and skin while keeping your hands dry and clean. Flip the grooming glove to the absorbent shammy side to use on wet pets to help dry them off after a bath or getting caught in the rain.  The soft, absorbent chenille microfiber soaks up water quickly and easily while keeping your hands clean.  

Martha Stewart has been a trusted source on all things lifestyle for over 30 years. As an avid animal lover and pet parent to several dogs, Martha is fully ingrained in the pet industry. She takes a practical approach to pet care to ensure quality, function, and innovation. Be sure to check out the full Martha Stewart line of chic and practical pet products, including natural pet shampoos, conditioners, nose & paw lotion, convenient dog grooming wipes, pet grooming brushes and tools, floor cleaners, deodorizing solutions, pet diapers and training pads, doggy waste bags, and chic pet accessories. 

Instructions: Place your hand inside the glove with the side you want to use in the palm of your hand. Stroke your pet’s coat in the direction of hair growth. Start at the rear and work your way forward. This glove can be used for removing loose hair, massaging, or drying.

Care: Machine wash cold with mild detergent. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Lay flat to air dry.

Measures 10 x 7 inches

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