Nickelodeon Rugrats: Reptar Plush Figure Toy

Nickelodeon Rugrats: Reptar Plush Figure Toy

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90s Nickelodeon TV Shows like Rugrats are back with the Rugrats Reptar Figure Plush Dog Toy for all dogs. Adorable, cute, plush, snuggly, and fun to play with, this soft fabric dog toy is great for all dogs. This toy for dogs features the Rugrats Movie Reptar, a green dinosaur that all of the Rugrats love. Join Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, Susie, Lillian, Kimi, Dil, Stu, Didi, Charlotte, Betty, Taffy and the others as your pet plays with this Rugrats dog toy. Rugrats toys from Nickelodeon are great for playtime both indoors and outdoors. Add this plush dog toy to your dog toy bin or dog toy box and see how it instantly becomes your pet's new best friend. The dog toy features a noise making squeaker to add entertainment and keep your dog occupied for hours on end. Safe and free from hard plastic parts, this is a dog toy for all dogs.

As with all dog toys, always supervise your pet when they play with dog toys. Never leave pets alone with dog toys to ensure safety. Also be sure to check out other Nickelodeon dog toys from other hit Nick90s TV shows like Hey Arnold, Rocko's Modern Life, Ren & Stimpy, Nickelodeon All Stars, and more! Nickelodeon for pets makes plush dog toys for all dogs, squeaky dog toys, cute dog toys, flat stuffingless dog toys, and tons of other dog toys for your fury friends! Your pet will love playing with these dog toys from your old favorite TV shows featuring the best Nickelodeon characters. Add this to your dog toy bin, dog toy box, dog toy basket, or other dog toy collection and your pet will be set for a day full of fun.

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