WB Horror: Beetlejuice and Lydia Plush Figure Toy Set

WB Horror: Beetlejuice and Lydia Plush Figure Toy Set

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Celebrate Halloween with your favorite Warner Bros. Horror movies and your pets!  Warner bros. brings pets and pet parents adorable Halloween dog toys with characters from their favorite horror movies. Plush dog toys like these dog chew toys are perfect for keeping pets entertained any time of year. This 2 piece set includes two 6" dog plushes, one that looks like Beetlejuice and one that looks like Lydia from the WB film Beetlejuice.

Dog toys like this plush dog toy are made from soft fabric with all details embroidered on or screen printed on, so there are no risks of choking on small plastic bits. Warner Bros. horror movies also brings out the best in dog squeaky toys. When your pet chews on this squeaky dog toy, the toy will make a noise that will keep your pet occupied and entertained.

This small dog toy set is a Beetlejuice merchandise item for pets, featuring Beetlejuice and Lydia.  They measure 6 inches, making it the perfect dog toy set for small dogs. Add this to your dog toy bin, dog toy box, or dog toy basket for dog toy storage. If you are a fan of the Beetlejuice movie, you will be happy to give your pet this squeaky dog toy to play with. 

MSRP per toy set: $12.49