Fisher Price: ColorBites Flip Stick

Fisher Price: ColorBites Flip Stick

Fisher Price SKU: FFP18415

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We’ve carefully crafted the Fisher-Price™ Pets ColorBites Flip Stick with playful pups in mind. From the unique overall shape to the versatile functionality, the Fisher-Price Pets ColorBites Flip Stick is designed to keep small, but active, mouths engaged in exploration in a safe and healthy way. The ball-shaped segments allow for easier biting, grasping, and provide a mouthfeel that baby pups go “gaga” for. Additionally, it has perfectly sized nooks that are great for hiding treats inside. This is great for reigniting puppies’ curiosity with each use, keeping them engaged for hours. 

And don’t worry – your pup isn’t getting all the fun to themselves! Fisher-Price Pets puppy toys are also crafted to encourage pet parents to have fun with their pup as they grow through every age and stage of development. The unique design of the 6.7” long ColorBites Flip Stick allows you to utilize it as a tug toy for a few rounds of tug-of-war with your fur-baby. Then, flip it, and it becomes a fetch stick to toss for a few rounds of fetch!

After all, we recognize that play, interaction, and comfort are fundamental keystones in the growth and development of a healthy, happy puppy! Fisher-Price Pets serves up playful practicality with a heavy dose of nostalgia in a collection of pet development products that get you right in the feels. Our toys are fueled by the boundless energy of a little pup in motion, just begging for you to come play.

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