GLAD for Pets Compostable Waste Bags - 120 Ct

GLAD for Pets Compostable Waste Bags - 120 Ct

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Built with Glad level strength, everyday training and clean up accessories bring innovation to each stage of your dog's life, from training pads using activated carbon technology to daily waste bags with dispensers. Glad for Pets Compostable Waste Bags are made with cornstarch and certified to be at-home and industrially compostable. Designed with the Earth in mind™, an easy and eco-friendly option for picking up waste. With leak-proof protection, these bags make picking up after your dog easy and better for the environment. These bags measure 9” x 14” x 0.67” (23cm x 35.5cm) and each package includes 8 unscented rolls, or 120 bags total. Each roll should fit most standard dog waste bag dispensers. 

Plus, GLAD for Pets bags have easy tear perforation for your convenience. After all, no one wants to fumble for a doggie bag when you need it in a hurry and your hands are full. Additionally, you can be confident you’re protected from leaky messes on your walk when cleaning up after your pet with leak-proof protection from GLAD for Pets.

How to pick up after your pet: Tear off a new bag and slide your hand inside. Pick up waste with your bagged hand. Using your other hand, pull the top edge of the bag over the mess, turning the bag inside out. Gently tie and knot open end of bag.  

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