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Burt's Bees Puppy Wipes - 50ct

Burt's Bees SKU: FFP5780

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Tap into nature's power with Burt's Bees Puppy Wipes. These puppy cleaning wipes for dog grooming are made with nature's finest ingredients. This nourishing formula taps into buttermilk and honey's natural ability to soothe your pet's skin and soften hair as they cleanse. These dog wipes are perfect for cleaning your dog's paws after long walks and deodorizing between baths! Burt's Bees dog grooming wipes help you spruce up your pet with gentle, natural ingredients that keep your puppy or dog naturally fresh. They are made with some of nature's finest ingredients for your peace of mind and your canine's well-being. Free of colorants, these puppy cleaning wipes are pH balanced for dogs. Burt's Bees Natural Pet Care is made in the United States without parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, SLS, or synthetic fragrances. Discover nature's best for your pets!

DIRECTIONS: Wipe dog from back of ears to tail, avoiding eyes. Great for spot cleaning and paw cleaning. Have fun! Store in a cool, dry place.

SAFETY WARNING: Keep out of reach of children and pets to avoid possible consumption. Will not wash off topical flea & tick treatment when following treatment manufacturer's directions.

MSRP per pack: $10.99