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Crayola: 10

Crayola: 10" Crayon Rope Plush Squeaker Pet Toy

Crayola SKU: FFP24752

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Color your pet’s world! Crayola for Pets brings the wildly creative and colorful nature of the Crayola brand to our pets’ lives through a line of interactive enrichment toys, scented aromathera-play toys, and toys in vibrant, pup-visible colors, such as the Crayola for Pets Crayon Rope Plush Squeaker Dog Toy. This is a multisensory toy inspired by Crayola designs that dogs will bark for again and again! Because dogs are dichromatic, blue and yellow colors are most vivid to their eye.  That’s why the plush components of this toy are blue and yellow, making the plushes an easy target to catch, chomp, or chew. This fun tug toy from Crayola features sturdy ropes that make it perfect as an interactive tug toy for dogs, as well as for solo chewing! For solo chew sessions, the twisted rope provides bonus benefits by helping to “floss” dogs’ teeth while they chew! Dogs love to sink their teeth into the plush components of this tug toy, while the squeaker inside drives them wild for longer play sessions. This toy measures about 10 inches long, making it a small dog toy that is perfect for medium dogs that love to snuggle, chew, toss, and tug toys!

As with all pet toys, please supervise your pet when playing with this toy.

MSRP per toy: $7.99