Wags & Wiggles 21" x 21" Training Pads, 100 Pack

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Wags & Wiggles offers a range of everyday lifestyle products including shampoos, conditioners, sprays, wipes, grooming tools, puppy pads, and more! Wags & Wiggles' fun and functional pet supplies make caring for your precious pup effortless and enjoyable! Wags & Wiggles dog grooming pet supplies are wacky, colorful, and fun...just like your pooch! Wags & Wiggles Training Pads are perfect for house training puppies, senior or incontinent dogs, and stay-at-home dogs that are left along for longer periods of time without outdoor access. These dog pee pads are built with five strong layers of protection to lock in wetness, a leak proof plastic liner to prevent urine overflow, and a dog attractant to help remind your furry friends where to do their business. The built in attractant will help make the training process easier and faster so that your pet is going in the right place without hesitation. The plastic liner on these pads help prevent overflow, protecting your precious floors from urine. With Wags & Wiggles dog pee pads, we are sure your pup will be learning in no time! These training pads are also the perfect size for lining the inside of crates and carriers. Puppy pads can also be used to protect your car’s seats from any accidents when traveling. You can even use them to dry wet paws after an outdoor adventure. Make clean up a breeze with Wags & Wiggles dog pee pads! Wags & Wiggles Puppy Training Pads are available in a 30, 50, or 100 count pack.

Tips and Tricks For Training Your Pet Using Wags & Wiggles Training Pads: 1. Place pad plastic side down away from dog food or bed. 2. Introduce your pet to the pad by gently placing them on it several times to sniff and become familiar. 3. Reward your pet when they relieve themselves on the pad. 4. Gradually move the pad closer to the door to teach them to go outside. 5. If your pet has an accident elsewhere, bring them to the pad to reinforce correct use. Try to keep the pad in the same place. 6. Dispose of soiled pads and replace as needed.

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