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Arm & Hammer: Nubbies Duality Bone Dental Toy for Dogs

Arm & Hammer: Nubbies Duality Bone Dental Toy for Dogs

Arm & Hammer SKU: FFP18956

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The Arm & Hammer Nubbies Duality Bone Dental Toy for Dogs is the ideal dog dental toy to turn destructive behavior into productive, positive playtime. Infused with baking soda to naturally eliminate odors, this dog toy is made with Nylon & TPR for durability. It is a great dog toy for light to medium chewers. The nubs and grooves help clean teeth without a toothbrush. Plus, dogs love the green apple flavor. Dogs enjoy chewing their way to better dental health with the Arm & Hammer Nubbies Duality Dental Dog Toy.

This dog dental toy is a great way to reward your dog with a dog toy that keeps on giving. It turns chewing into positive playtime while helping clean your dog's teeth. This dog chew dental tool helps remove plaque and tartar from your dog's teeth as dogs chew.

As with all dental tools for dogs, when selecting your Arm & Hammer chew toy, it is important to select the proper size and chew toy for your dog's age, chew strength, and weight. As with all dog chew toys, please supervise use and remove all separate parts.

Toy in package measurements: 8.75 x 4.25 x 1.25 inches

MSRP per toy: $4.99