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Crayola: 6" Aromatherapy Crayon Plush Squeaker Pet Toy 3 Pack

Crayola SKU: FFP27014

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Color your pet’s world! Crayola for Pets brings the wildly creative and colorful nature of the Crayola brand to our pets’ lives through a line of toys in vibrant, pup-visible colors, interactive enrichment toys, and scented aromathera-play toys, such as the Crayola for Pets 3pk Small Aromathera-play Plush Squeaker Crayons. 

Inspired by the scented markers and paints by Crayola, these dog toys are infused with fun and soothing scents. These scented toys help provide nosework enrichment, mental stimulation for active pups, and can even help calm your pup when feeling anxious. This three pack of safely scented aromathera-play toys includes a yellow lemongrass crayon for invigorating the senses, a blue rosemary crayon to add mental stimulation to your pup’s playtime, and a purple crayon with calming lavender for a soothing snuggle sesh. The Crayola sensory experience doesn’t stop at scents, either. Because dogs are dichromatic, blue and yellow colors are most vivid to their eye.  That’s why most of our toys are made up of varying shades of blue and yellow – dogs will naturally be drawn to these pup-visible colors in a sea of otherwise muted colors. Dogs love to sink their teeth into the plush components of these soft toys, while the squeaker inside ignites their prey drive and encourages longer play sessions. Each of these crayon plush toys measures about 6 inches tall, making them best for small to medium dogs who are light chewers.

As with all pet toys, please supervise your pet when playing with this toy.

MSRP per toy: $12.99