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Disney 100: Aladdin 9

Disney 100: Aladdin 9" Genie Catnip Coil Toy

Disney SKU: FFP27909

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Celebrate 100 Years of Wonder by bringing the magic of Disney to your pets’ playtime! This Disney for Pets Genie Cat Coil Toy is inspired by Aladdin. Cats go crazy biting at these springy toys, and their unique shape makes them roll around easily, enticing cats to play longer!  This unique cat toy is infused with catnip and specially designed for cats to carry, paw, kick and roll with, encouraging their hunting instincts as it bounces and rolls.

Your cat will have a pawfect playtime when they chase, paw, and play with this Genie cat coil toy. They’ll never have a friend like Genie, who is sure to grant all your kitty’s playtime wishes. The Aladdin themed cat toy features pet safe plush features, with no hard plastic parts or small external pieces as potential choking hazards. Instead, all design details of this genie of the lamp design are either embroidered or screen printed. This coil toy for cats measures about 9 inches long, making it the perfect size for cats to carry, paw, and bat around. 

As with all cat toys, please supervise your pet when they play with this toy.

MSRP per toy: $7.99