Fresh Step All in One Litter Scoop - In 6pc. PDQ

Fresh Step All in One Litter Scoop - In 6pc. PDQ

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The Fresh Step cat litter scoop allows for fast and easy scooping. The multi-angle scoop base helps easily isolate sifting between large and small clumps for a faster scoop. This cat litter scooper makes it efficient and easy to scoop and sift cat litter. Sift through both large clumps and small clumps with this all-in-one cat litter scoop. This cat litter tool is part of a line of cat supplies from Fresh Step. The cat scoop has an ergonomic grip handle. The easy-to-hold cat scoop handle has textured sides, a non-slip grip, and an ergonomic design for easy holding to scoop away cat litter. This means more leverage and more strength. Push counter hook provides more leverage on scoop while reinforced bridge enhances strength to effectively scoop away cat litter. This cat supply is durable and easy to clean. Easy to clean, this durable cat litter scoop helps keep your home fresh and clean every time. 

Dimensions: 5.25 x 2.8 x 11.75 inches

MSRP per piece: $9.99