Fresh Step Litter Box Charcoal Odor Eliminating Powder, 15 oz

Fresh Step Litter Box Charcoal Odor Eliminating Powder, 15 oz

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Fresh Step is a brand committed to making the world a more welcoming place for our feline friends and their owners. Fresh Step’s innovative home and hygiene products ensure that your house still smells like you, and not your new four-legged companions. Keep your cat's litter box and surrounding area smelling clean and fresh with Fresh Step Litter Box Charcoal Odor Eliminating Powder. 

Freshen your cat’s litter box by eliminating odors on contact with odor eliminating powder with charcoal. This ultra-strength deodorizing formula from Fresh Step has added charcoal for even faster absorption of moisture and odor for all litter types. Our formula also prevents clumps from sticking to the litter box. Plus, our dual sided cap allows you to sprinkle a little or pour a lot, making it easy to apply. Litter Box Charcoal Odor Eliminating Powder from Fresh Step offers a convenient and quick way to maintain your kitty litter box odor. This litter box deodorizer will ensure that your litter box always smells fresh. 

Instructions: For best results, add a thin layer of deodorizer on the bottom of your cat’s litter box. Then, add cat litter as normal and sprinkle deodorizer on top of the litter. To maintain freshness, sprinkle every time you scoop or as odors form.  

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of eye contact, flush thoroughly with water. If irritation persists, seek medical attention.  

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