FRIENDS: 10" Pivot Couch Plush Squeak Toy

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Be there for your favorite furry friend as you team up with all the FRIENDS from the iconic FRIENDS tv show. The Friends TV Show PIVOT Sofa dog toy is from the classic Ross Pivot scene in FRIENDS. How could anyone forget Ross Geller's iconic PIVOT sofa scene, where he tirelessly works with Rachel and Chandler to get his new sofa up the stairs. The fun doesn't end there; bring this item of Friends tv show merchandise into your home and add it to your dog toy basket or dog toy bin so your pup can join in on the fun.  Soft, snuggly, cute, and cuddly, this plush dog toy is a great way to get your dog to share in on your love of your favorite show. It features a gentle, noise-making squeaker to add even more entertainment. This plush toy for dogs comes from the official Warner Brothers brand, meaning you can trust that this dog toy is the real deal. No worrying about copycats or fakes here. Get this dog accessory now, just in time for the upcoming Friends reunion. Made from plush fabric and without any dangerous bits of hard plastic or choking hazards, this is a dog toy you can feel good about letting your pup play with.

As with all dog toys, this toy for dogs should be played with under supervision.

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