FRIENDS: 8" Turkey Head Plush Squeak Toy

Friends SKU: FFP13117

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You won't have to lose a toe in order to get a dancing turkey head this year on Thanksgiving! This adorable plush toy for dogs pays homage to the "Friends" TV show episode, where Monica and Joey famously wore turkeys on their heads to cheer up Chandler after he admitted to losing a toe one Thanksgiving. Iconic in every right, this episode has become a fan favorite. Now your dog can join in on the fun with his very own dancing turkey head stuffed plush dog toy. Soft, snuggly, comical, and cute, this toy for dogs is great right around Thanksgiving or any time of year. This turkey head dog toy features the same yellow sunglasses and red cap from the turkey worn by Monica, making it a real throwback to the show. It has a subtle yet fun noise inducing squeaker to keep your pet companion endlessly entertained and engaged. Great as gifts, these dog toys are ideal for the pet lover in your life who is also a true "Friends" fan. Super safe, this dog toy has no hard plastic surfaces so there is no risk of you or your pup getting hurt. All details on this fabric dog toy are embroidered, keeping this toy for dogs soft and snuggly. As with all dog toys, please supervise your pet while he plays with his new favorite toy for dogs. Never leave pet unsupervised while playing with dog toys. 

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