Harry Potter: 10

Harry Potter: 10" Holiday Tree Burrow Toy with Plush Squeaker House Presents

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Unleash the magic of the Wizarding World™ with the Harry Potter™ Holiday Tree Burrow toy with Plush Squeaker Hogwarts™ House Presents. This Harry Potter™ dog toy is inspired by the Harry Potter™ films and designed in a fun dog toy your pup will love. It includes four small plushes designed to look like Christmas gifts with the insignia of each of the four Hogwarts™ Houses. These smaller plushes fit into the tree, so you can hide them and let your dog burrow with their nose and paws inside the tree to retrieve each small plush. This provides hours of engaging play for your dog. Adorable, cute, plush, snuggly, and fun to play with, this dog toy is an enchanting addition to any toy bin. Enjoy hours of magical fun as your pet plays with this Harry Potter™ dog toy featuring squeakers your dog will love. 

As with all dog toys, please supervise your pet while this product is in use.

MSRP per set: $23.99