Star Wars: C3PO, BB8, R2D2 Jingle Bell Cat Toy-3pk

Star Wars: C3PO, BB8, R2D2 Jingle Bell Cat Toy-3pk

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Whether you’re a fan of STAR WARS™ films or THE MANDALORIAN™, this cute cat toy collection is a great way to share your love of STAR WARS with your pet. This STAR WARS cat toy set includes three feathered jingle bell balls inspired by STAR WARS characters: C3P0™, R2-D2™, and BB8™. 

Feather ball cat toys are the perfect toy for an afternoon of fun for your cats! With their unpredictable rolling around, cats will love stalking, chasing, and attacking these feathered balls.  They are designed to encourage a cat’s natural instincts to hunt and play. These toys are perfect for daily enrichment, exercise, and interactive fun with your kitty! These cat toy balls have catnip inside, which cats go crazy for! Plus, each cat ball has a jingle bell inside that adds an extra sound component to pique cats’ interest even longer. They are lightweight and colorful, with screen-printed designs inspired by STAR WARS printed right on them. 

MSRP per toy: $9.99