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Crayola: 20

Crayola: 20" Snuffle Play Mat

Crayola SKU: FFP24737

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Color your pet’s world! Crayola for Pets brings the wildly creative and colorful nature of the Crayola brand to our pets’ lives through a line of toys in vibrant, pup-visible colors, scented aromathera-play toys, and interactive enrichment toys, such as The Crayola for Pets Doggie Play Mat. Snuffle mats with treat holes and puzzles provide critical mental stimulation to curb destructive boredom behavior. (Treats not included.) Giving pet parents and families a new way to engage in play with their pups, this snuffle mat for dogs features 9 different puzzle squares, each with its own unique interactive component. From slots and fleece fringe for hiding treats to crinkle texture and squeaky sounds, this doggie play mat is a textural playground! 

Dogs love the crinkle and squeak sounds included in different components of this fun fabric play mat for dogs, increasing engagement even more!  The hook and loop back makes this mat easy to roll up and store, keeping the puzzles a fresh surprise for next playtime! This enrichment toy mat measures 20 inches square and features multiple fabric textures for dogs to snuffle and sniff!

As with all pet toys, please supervise your pet when playing with this toy.

MSRP per mat: $25.99