Crayola: Embossed TPR Ball Pet Toy Set

Crayola: Embossed TPR Ball Pet Toy Set

Crayola SKU: FFP25850

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Color your pet’s world! Crayola for Pets brings the wildly creative and colorful nature of the Crayola brand to our pets’ lives through a line of interactive enrichment toys, scented aromathera-play toys, and toys in vibrant, pup-visible colors, such as the Crayola for Pets 2pk Balls in blue and yellow. Because dogs are dichromatic, blue and yellow colors are most vivid to their eye.  That’s why most of our toys are made up of varying shades of blue and yellow – dogs will naturally be drawn to these pup-visible colors! They’re sure to stand out against the green color of grass when you’re out enjoying a session of fetch. The fun embossed texture of these tennis ball style toys for dogs make it easier to grip and chew, making fetch and playtime better than ever! Plus, these fetch balls for dogs include a squeaker inside that drives pups crazy and engages their prey drive, adding extra enrichment to playtime.

These TPR balls are made from a durable but soft type of pet-safe rubber known as thermoplastic rubber that makes them more durable than traditional rubber and easy to clean. These balls measure 3 inches in diameter, making them slightly larger than standard tennis balls, perfectly sized for catch and fetch! This 2pk includes one yellow ball and one blue ball.

As with all pet toys, please supervise your pet when playing with this toy.

MSRP per toy: $7.49