Fisher Price: Sound-Bites Plush Toy

Fisher Price: Sound-Bites Plush Toy

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We’ve reimagined the classic Fisher-Price preschoolers xylophone toy to bring the same nostalgia and fun to your fur-babies’ playtime! The Fisher-Price™ Pets Sound-Bites Plush Toy has been designed with playful, growing, and learning pups in mind. The Fisher-Price Pets Sound-Bites Plush Toy features an internal programmed sound device that helps acclimate puppy to everyday noises in their human world. With siren sounds, a doorbell, and a car horn, each sound helps puppies get used to the everyday sounds they might hear outside the door of their human home. This is a soft plush toy with bone-shaped keys of different textured, soft materials to keep puppies occupied and soothed. The xylophone keys are made of different fabric textures to provide different bite and snuggle sensations and stimuli.  The “wheels” have been reimagined as plush tennis balls, and the handle of the xylophone mallet produces a squeak when squeezed. Soothing and satisfying, this multifunctional plush toy is so much fun for pups!

After all, we recognize that play, interaction, and comfort are fundamental keystones in the growth and development of a healthy, happy puppy! Fisher-Price Pets serves up playful practicality with a heavy dose of nostalgia in a collection of pet development products that get you right in the feels. Our toys are fueled by the boundless energy of a little pup in motion, just begging for you to come play.

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