Fisher Price: Warming Furrr-end Cuddler

Fisher Price: Warming Furrr-end Cuddler

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The Fisher-Price™ Pets Warming Furrr-end Toy is a multifunctional comfort toy to soothe your puppy at different stages of growth! We’ve re-imagined the toys of our own childhood featuring the classic Fisher-Price Lion so you can bring the same nostalgia and fun to snuggle time with your fur-babies. This 16" soothing dog toy can be filled with lightly warmed towels or articles of your clothing to help your puppy bond to your scent! Fill this calming dog toy with a rolled towel and microwave lightly to give your puppy something warm to snuggle while alone. The Warming Furrr-end Toy is perfect for puppies or dogs with separation anxiety by helping to comfort and calm while encouraging self-soothing. 

Microwavable dog toys are great for filling with lightly warmed towels to help puppies snuggle, settle and get cozy for sleep. What’s more, The Fisher-Price Pets Warming Furrr-end Toy can expand as your puppy grows. Simply use the fabric closure to keep the lion folded and small for small puppies or open it to expand to a larger size snuggle toy as your puppy grows.
After all, we recognize that comfort, interaction, and play are fundamental keystones in the growth and development of a healthy, happy puppy! Fisher-Price Pets serves up playful practicality with a heavy dose of nostalgia in a collection of pet development products that get you right in the feels.

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